How are missionaries making Hindus Christians? Iskcon's Saint Amogh Das revealed

New Delhi: A video of Amogh Leela Das, a Hindu saint and vice-president of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Centre in Delhi's Dwarka, is fast going viral on social media, mocking the shoddy tricks used by Christian missionaries to convert people. His video is now going viral, in which he has clearly stated that ISKCON does not convert Hindus like Christians.


The video was posted by the YouTube channel 'Citti Media'. In it, Leela Das can be seen explaining in detail how missionaries pretend miracles to draw people to Jesus Christ. He mimicked Christian missionaries, explaining how Christian missionaries pretend to have divine power by giving patients some magical drinks touched by the statue of Jesus Christ or a cross. You see that as soon as you drink that magical thing, the patient starts dancing completely healthy. 'See the magic of Jesus Christ' - this is the work of Christian missionaries that takes place in conversion meetings all over India.


"They (missionaries) show miracles and keep on dramatising it to the next level. This is done so that people become Christians. Apart from this, they use five thousand rupees in case of treatment, job or conversion of someone in the hospital and all such tactics for the conversion of people. Explaining the role of ISKCON in such matters, Das said, "We insist on spiritual education. We do not force people to be involved in Sanatan Dharma and do not adopt such cheap tactics. We educate and inspire them and we have answers to all their questions.''

Narrating an incident, the Sanatani saint referred to the peculiar claim of a Christian missionary. "I was once hearing a missionary say that whoever it is, if he is coming apart from Jesus Christ, he is coming from Satan, including the 'Hare Krishna', who has the answers to all the questions on this planet. In a way, he was praising us. Das said, "We never say such things. We are not ecclesiastics but inclusivists.''

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