New report of doctors treating 'Omicron' patients reveals how much risk of death is there
New report of doctors treating 'Omicron' patients reveals how much risk of death is there

New Delhi: Cases of new omicron variants of corona infection are growing at a faster pace. Meanwhile, a large hospital in The Omicron Epicenter in South Africa shows that the number of corona infected patients has increased, but patients are seriously in need of medical assistance. The Steve Baiko and Shvane District Hospital in Pretoria had registered 166 new cases between November 14 and 29, of which 42 patients are still admitted to the ward. Dr. Farid Abdullah, infectious disease at the South African Medical Research Council and Steve Baiko Hospital, has closely observed the symptoms and conditions of these patients. The National Institute for Communist Disease confirmed that almost all new cases at the epicenter are from the Omicron variant. However, Dr Abdullah and his team are yet to gather evidence that all the new cases of the virus belong to the Omicron variant. But there can still be a logical idea that cases related to this data could be of new variant infections, Dr. Abdullah said.

How were the symptoms and conditions of patients?
According to the report, most patients admitted to the Covid-19 ward did not require oxygen, as seen in the second wave. A total of 38 patients were admitted on December 2. Out of these 38 adults, 6 were vaccinated, 24 were unvaccinated and 8 were people with no information about vaccination status. The fully vaccinated only one person was placed on oxygen. However, pulmonary disease in the lungs required treatment. Within these two weeks, 2 persons were required to be kept in intensive care.

About 19 percent of the admitted patients in the Covid ward were children above the age of 9 years. While 28 percent of patients were between 30 and 39 years of age. According to a covid ward report, no patient has died here in the last two weeks. Total number of deaths in the last 18 months is 17 percent. A total of 10 people have died here so far.

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