Train Driver in Pakistan halted train to buy yoghurt, Gets suspension

LAHORE: Azam Khan Swati, the Federal Minister for Railways, banned a train driver and his helper from duty on Tuesday after they stopped the train to buy yoghurt near Kahna railway station.

The minister acted after a video went viral on social media showing a train driver stopping and purchasing yoghurt from a store. After the video clip drew criticism, the minister took action and ordered the Pakistan Railways Lahore administration to suspend driver Rana Mohammad Shehzad and his assistant Iftikhar Hussain. The railways department has been in trouble of late due to various issues of accidents, passenger safety, and declining revenue. In a statement, the minister said, "I will not tolerate such incidents in the future and will not allow anyone to utilise public assets for personal gain."

The PR had already prohibited locomotive drivers and aides from using cellphones while on the job in December. In addition, they were prohibited from taking pictures or recording video or audio messages on their phones in all trains (passenger and goods). Respective divisional chiefs were also told to maintain track of train crew members (particularly drivers and their assistants) and take swift action if anyone disobeyed orders.

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