How Saqib Butt Turned His Vision Into A Living Reality?

Back in 2011, Saqib began his adventure as the CEO of PK Food Company, which has since grown to become one of the most successful frozen food businesses in the country. A pivotal moment in the life of a man who has always been a hard worker and has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He took his family's business, which had been exporting meat, and turned it into a popular frozen food brand in Pakistan.

But the question that needs to be answered here is how exactly did he make all of this possible? Easy, with only honest efforts and a positive frame of mind.

To this day…

PK Meat and Frozen Food is the only company in the frozen food industry that provides exquisite delicacies in mutton, beef, and chicken that are fully cooked, ready-to-cook, or partially cooked. All because of Saqib Butt.

What Makes His Company "The Industry Best"?

The company's utmost priority is the upkeep and delivery of the highest possible quality. This is why the frozen meals that PK meat produces are widely acknowledged for their exceptional quality. In order to maintain the standard of their product, they have continuous access to animal resources at every stage of their operation. They put all the hard work into proper livestock management as it's a true game-changer for their products.

PK Food's ready-to-cook and partially cooked recipes are available in a wide variety of mouthwatering varieties, such as burgers, chapli kebabs, shish kebabs, meatballs, mincemeat, sausages, Shamikabab, and sheekh kabab, as well as coated products like chicken nuggets, chicken popcorn, crispy chicken burgers, and chicken fillets. The organization is certified by both ISO 22000 and HACCP, and even all of their slaughtering practices are conducted in accordance with halal law. In order to keep the quality of the product at a consistently high level, only the most qualified specialists are hired, and it is their job to ensure that both the meat and the plant are kept perfectly sterile.

All because of this, the company's reputation in the sector is that of a responsible business for which the promotion of sustainable development is an inherent and indispensable component of our day-to-day operations.

Saqib says:

“We continue to make the necessary efforts, with the assistance of our team that is highly skilled and devoted, to assist in leading the frozen food sector toward a more sustainable path. Our processing plant is outfitted with cutting-edge processing and packaging facilities that adhere to the highest standards of hygienic practice and utilize automated processes.”

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