5 Mantras to achieve Career Goals this year !

Jan 22 2017 09:45 AM
5 Mantras to achieve Career Goals this year !

A new year embarks the beginning of a new chapter. We all are enthusiastic and full of energy. This is the best time to set some career goals. It can be to get a new job, to start a business, get enrolled in an Institution or to get a pay rise. We may be very energetic on the first day of the year but it gets dull as the day passes by and according to researches only 8% of people are able to accomplish their goals. Here are seven rules to stick by to complete your resolution this year.

Passion- You are likely to achieve your goal when you are passionate about that particular thing, job or work. Connect you goal to your inner self make it your part, so when you will be working on it or getting near it that will boost your confidence level. Choose a goal that makes your heart race and give you sleepless night and force you to put your heart and soul to achieve it.

Pen it- When you write thing you want to accomplish it makes you believe that it’s real. Keep a notebook every time with you. Pen down everything about your goal, when you want to accomplish, by what time it should complete. Pen down the progress you make.

Make realistic goals- Most of the time people fail because they set unrealistic goals. It is good to target high but it is not always possible to achieve them that is why start with small targets.

Patience- Behavioral changes cannot be brought in one day so it is important to have patience. Change your daily routine day by day. There maybe times you will revert back to your old habits but have patience.

Face setbacks- It is not mandatory that you will succeed there may be good days and there may be bad days. Some day you will able to achieve your target and some day you will fail. Do not feel let down start focusing better and give a start with new energy.

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