Know whether the goods belong to China with phone's camera

Since the Indo-China border dispute, everything in China is being boycotted, along with the army personnel are also appealing to the citizens of the country to boycott Chinese goods and app. Many people have also opposed China by breaking Chinese TV. Many such videos are going viral on social media. The number of Chinese products in India is so high that it is difficult to guess which product is from China and which is not, but you can find out about it from your phone. First of all, let us tell you which item is from China and which is not, you will have to take help of an app which is Made in India.

With the help of your phone's camera, this app will tell you which product is from China and which is not. The name of this app is Made In India and you can download it for free from Google Play-Store. This app has recently been published on the play store on June 12. This app has been developed by The Company of Gurugram, The91Apps. The app has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the Play-Store. This app, with the help of barcodes, tells which country the company that produces the goods is from. After downloading this app, it has to be given access to the phone's camera. After this, scan the barcode given on the box of the goods of which you want to know about the country. If you want, you can enter the barcode itself without scanning in the app. As soon as the barcode will be entered or scanned in the app, then the information about the country of the company producing the product will immediately come on the screen.

This app works on the unique barcode identification feature. Whenever a product is packaging, a barcode is given on it which contains much important information including the country of manufacture of the product. All codes given in barcodes have different meanings. The first three digits of the barcode describe the country. For example, the code for India is 890 and that of China is 690-699, although the barcode does not indicate in which country a product is manufactured. Typically companies code their headcounter's country in a barcode. Overall, the Made in India app will tell you where the company producing a product is from.

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