Do you also get baffled, while finding the best institute to start your digital marketing journey? Wondering the quality of the tutor, questioning the price. 

You are not alone! Seriously, every other student gets through this confusion. and it's essential to ask these questions before investing in a course. 

It's not a secret that Digital marketing has changed the face of marketing communications. It has opened a variety of job profiles and earning courses. If you ask, are you eligible to learn digital marketing, when should you start, or is it valuable?

To clear your concerns, anyone who is interested in bringing a solution to organizations' ranking, to help them grow, achieve their targets of being googles' favorite, If you want to become an SEO, SMM specialist. 

learning digital marketing is the right choice for you. It doesn't matter if you are a school student, graduate, or professional. There is no wrong time to learn a new skill. and don't worry, It doesn't require a technical background, Just fascination for the course.  

 Digital marketing is one of the hottest skills turning into a career. Since the industry is very dynamic, It creates a lot of learning and job opportunities. Every organization needs a digital marketing specialist to create marketing campaigns, enhance their rank through SEO and other tools. 

A career in Digital marketing-

9 out of 1o company in Indore are using digital marketing to their advantage.

which explains the need for a professional. There are many options to choose from in digital marketing based on your interests. Some roles that you can look for are Digital marketing manager, Analytics Manager, E-commerce Manager, Email Marketing Manager, and CRM Manager, SEO specialist, Social media manager, Content marketer, etc.

The salary offered for all these roles start from 3 lakhs and goes up to 10 lakhs per annum according to PayScale.

So many institutes offer a similar course but are they a good fit for your requirements. 

Ask yourself these questions before applying for a Digital marketing course-

Understand your requirements and available options very well. 

Do comprehensive research about the institute and its achievements.

Will it help in your career, Why?

The pricing factor is also a vital factor while analyzing and choosing the courses. 


As mentioned above, Do thorough research about the institute.

1) How the institute ranks against the competition. 2) How is the alumni profile of the institute? 
3) How and where are they utilizing the learning. 
4) What is the reputation of the institute? 
5) Who are the faculties?

Your learning mostly depends on your tutor. He/she should be well informed about the nuisance of the course. 

6) What others have to say about the course?

-Reviews are the most helpful tool to get to know about the institute. 
-What they are offering in their course?

Fee structure and Duration of the course?

 -There are different durations offered in the market. It is wise to opt-in to which all the essential concepts are covered. 


 We have summarized a few institutes keeping in mind the above points for you to choose wisely. 


The institute provides full-fledged classroom training for students. Digital Gurukul is a certified partner for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and IAMAI.

They provide 38 modules in digital marketing.

Modules –

1) Internet Marketing

2) Search Engine Optimization

3) Email Marketing

4) Search Engine Marketing

5) Digital Consumer Behavior

6) Mobile Marketing

7) Inbound Marketing

8) Consumer Information

9) Social Media Marketing

10) Content Marketing

11) Google AdWords

 and more.


Focused on providing 100% placement and training on a digital marketing course. they have completed 100+global projects. The minimum duration of the courses available in 45 days and a maximum of 5 months. They are a digital marketing company as well as a training institute.

 Courses Covered –

1) Digital Marketing Fundamentals

2) Website Planning & Structure

3) HTML, CSS Basic

4) PPC

5) Remarketing Strategies

6) Email Marketing

7) Web Analytics

8) Social Media Strategies

9) Paid Marketing

10) Affiliate Marketing

11) E-Commerce Marketing

12) WordPress training

13) Advanced Digital marketing.  


S.V Institute is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Indore. Their courses are comprehensive and with great ROIs. 

They also provide placement assistance as well as digital marketing Internship for those students who want to expand their knowledge through company exposure.

They have both on-site and online certification facilities. 

Modules covered-

1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Email Marketing

3) Search Engine Marketing,

4) Digital Consumer Behavior

5) Mobile Marketing

6) Inbound Marketing

7) Social media optimization

8) Social Media Marketing

9) Content Marketing

10) Google AdWords

11) Project Reporting

12) YouTube Marketing

13) Affiliate Marketing

 4. Indore Institute of Computer Education (IICE) -

IICE is one of the best and most trusted training institutes in Indore, which provides high-quality training services to future-seeking students in the IT industry. They have courses module of 60 days, 100 days, and 150 days.

In which they include

1) Search Engine Optimization

2) Email Marketing

3) Search Engine Marketing,

4) Digital Consumer Behavior

5) Mobile Marketing

6) Inbound Marketing

7) Social media optimization

8) Social Media Marketing

9) Content Marketing

10) Google AdWords

11) Blogging

12) Google Adsense

13) Website development

14) Whatsapp marketing



The institute has faculties with over 10+ years of experience in the field of digital marketing. They provide classroom, online and live training. They provide a thorough understanding of advertising tools. They have won many awards in the field.

Courses available in Future multimedia institute-

1) Digital Marketing Overview

2) Search Engine Optimization

3) Social Media Marketing

4) Content Marketing

5) Email Marketing

6) Video Marketing

7) Mobile Marketing

8) E-commerce Marketing

9) PPC


ZICA stands for Zee Institute of Creative Art. It’s one of the most popular institutes when it comes to digital marketing courses in Indore.

The students have assured a 100% job placement guarantee in Indore and other metro cities based on their performance and skills. Their course curriculum consists of the latest tools and techniques used in the industry.

The faculty has good experience in this field and provides personal attention to each student. 

This is a 12 months course including modules like :

1) Computer Graphics

2) Digital Illustration

3) Website Design Concept


5) JavaScript Video Editing

6) Overview of Marketing

7) Introduction to Digital Marketing

8) Search Marketing

9) Search Engine Marketing

10) Search Engine Marketing

11) Display Advertising

12) Email Marketing

13) Mobile Marketing

14) Social Media Marketing

15) Inbound Marketing

Digital marketing has become a vital department for any business be it small, medium, or large. Hence, It is a smart way to start early and learn all the prerequisites. It has a great return on investments and a very bright demand in the future. Comparing your options will help you choose the right training for you. Check their website thoroughly before applying to any.

Lastly, It largely depends on you as digital marketing is a practical course and requires intense practice. 


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