Janmashtami Special: How to dress up your kid like Krishna
Janmashtami Special: How to dress up your kid like Krishna

Janmashtami is a festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and energy. Everybody is busy in preparation of this birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. On this day, people decorate the idol of Lord Krishna with new garments and flowers. It is a good feel to see the decorated idol of Krishna and to watch the cute child dress up like Krishna. On the occasion of the birth anniversary, we share the information about dressing your kid as Krishna.

Yellow Dhoti (Pitambar)

It is believed that Krishna used to wear Pitamber ( yellow cloth) therefore dress up your child with a Yellow Dhoti.  You can buy readymade one or buy a yellow cloth to drape it. You may also use a yellow dupatta for the same.

Mor Mukut

Mukuts too are easily available in the market. Attach a peacock feather to the tip of the Mukut. If you are good at and craft you can make it by your own.

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Bansuri ( Flute)

Bansuri is favorite instrument of Krishna so buy a good flute for your child.

Make up

Kids look cute more without makeup so don’t apply too much makeup on their face. Just draw a Kasturi tilak on forehead


A long pearl necklace, baju band, kangas, earrings, Payal will add to the cuteness of your kid. Related image

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So, consider this tips to make your kid as adorable as Krishna and more thing don’t forget to click his photos on his Krishna avatar as it will be a memorable moment you as well as for your kid. 

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