How to incorporate more colour and playfulness in your daily makeup

1. Say hello to metallic eyeliners! Black may be the classic, go-to for all of us in the case of eyeliners, but it is time to add a bit more jazz to our makeup this summer. Even if you decide not to wear any eyeshadow, a metallic eyeliner will make a bold statement. Be it cat eyes, winged or traditional (or even the next hot trend in the list, so stay tuned!), metallic and shimmery eyeliners look oh-so glamorous!

Try the SUGAR Cosmetics Eye Dared You So! Metallic Eyeliners available in 6 exciting and super pigmented colours to create dazzlingly gorgeous eye looks! These are waterproof, long-lasting and give a rich matte finish!

2. Graphic eyeliners. Graphic eyes are a blend of vibrant retro colours and futuristic minimal aesthetic – a trend that we are here for! This is another fad that seemed to have gained popularity via social media, 

There are many ways for you to express yourself with graphic liners. The simplest is to make a straight line on your crease, extending slightly outwards. These are called floating eyeliners. You can even do double coloured liner- one close to your lash line and the other on your crease!

Lakme’s Gelato-inspired Collection of kohl pencils comes at the best time possible! Try these pencils in 8 delicious hues that are perfectly suited for the summer heat. You can easily draw soft yet defining floating eyeliners and other graphic eye looks super easily!

3. Vibrant monochrome. This trend is the easiest to master and pull off. As the name suggests, only 1 vibrant colour is used for the entire look. Such eye makeup looks can be powerful and arresting if the choice of colour is made thoughtfully, according to your outfit and eye colour. A popping yellow, baby blue, vermillion and fuchsia are some that work for everyone.


A natural splash of colour for a perfect pout Wait no more to pucker up with homemade lip tints.

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