How to Make Odor-Free Ghee from Cream
How to Make Odor-Free Ghee from Cream

Making ghee from milk cream is a cherished tradition in many households. The primary goal is to avoid adulterated ghee from the market and to provide the family with pure, homemade desi ghee. However, improper storage of the cream can lead to unpleasant odors and spoilage. Here are detailed tips to ensure your cream remains fresh and odor-free until it's time to make ghee.

Preventing Sourness in Cream
One common mistake is storing cream in a warm kitchen environment. Heat accelerates the souring process, making the cream prone to spoilage. Here’s how you can avoid this:

Store in a Cool Place: Always store the cream in a cool area. If you have a refrigerator, keep the cream there to prevent it from turning sour and to inhibit fungal growth.
Use Airtight Containers: Place the cream in an airtight container before refrigerating. This minimizes exposure to external air, which can cause the cream to spoil faster.
Limit Exposure: Avoid taking the cream out of the fridge frequently. Repeated temperature changes can promote sourness and spoilage.
Choosing the Right Utensils
The type of utensil you use for storing cream can significantly impact its quality. Here are some tips on choosing the right storage containers:

Avoid Aluminum Utensils: Cream stored in aluminum containers is more likely to spoil.
Opt for Clay, Glass, or Steel: These materials are better for storing cream. Among these, clay is the best option as it keeps the cream cooler than other materials.
Cleanliness is Key: Ensure that the storage containers are thoroughly cleaned before use. Residual dirt or previous food particles can introduce bacteria, leading to sourness.
Effective Cream Storage Methods
To maintain the freshness of the cream over several days, follow these steps:

Freezer Storage: For long-term storage, place the cream in the freezer rather than the regular fridge compartment. Use a container that is airtight to prevent air from affecting the cream.
Add Fresh Milk and Cream: Daily, mix a little fresh milk and a bit of new cream into the stored cream. This helps maintain its consistency and freshness.
Stir Regularly: Stir the cream with a clean, dry spoon every day. This prevents the formation of a thick layer on top and ensures even consistency.
Use Clean Utensils: When scooping out cream, always use a completely dry and clean spoon to avoid introducing moisture or contaminants that could cause spoilage.

By following these tips, you can ensure that the cream you save for making ghee stays fresh and odor-free. This way, your homemade ghee will be pure, fragrant, and free from any unpleasant smells.

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