Homemade jaggery and sonth will drive away cold diseases, recipe is very easy
Homemade jaggery and sonth will drive away cold diseases, recipe is very easy

The winter season is very good but diseases are quickly engulfed in this season. In this case, desi things are eaten a lot to keep the body warm. These include jaggery and sonth laddoos. These laddoos are made a lot in winters. Today we are going to tell you its recipe.

Essential Materials
250 g jaggery black
100 g fenugreek seeds
25 g glue
25 g makhana
200 g finely chopped nuts (cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, and pistachios)
500 ml ghee
3 tbsp poppy seeds
200 g coconut powder
1 small bowl of raisins
1 small bowl sonth powder
a deep round pan for boiling or frying

Method - First add half the ghee to a pan and heat it lightly. Now add glue and fry till golden. Keep in mind that if the glue is fried on a low flame, it will cook well. Now that the glue is ripe, it will swell. Then remove the glue in a pot. Now add makhana to ghee and fry till light golden. Take it out in a pot. Now add chopped nuts to ghee after makhana and fry till golden. Now remove the nuts and mix them with jaggery. Then fry the coconut powder in a pan till light brown. Remove it from the pan as well. Now add poppy seeds to the pan and fry till golden. Then add a teaspoon of ghee to the pan and add raisins, fry lightly, and remove. Turn off the heat. Now take the glue and makhana. Then put everything in a large container and mix well. Now heat the remaining ghee lightly and mix. Then make the desired size of laddoos with the mixture. Now store the prepared laddoos in an airtight container and eat whenever you want.

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