How to repair puncture of the tire on highway
How to repair puncture of the tire on highway

There are many times while driving a car on the highway that our car gets punctured. On such occasions, if we are driving alone, the problem increases. We are telling you some tips to change the punctured tire, which you can use at any time. 

1. First, stop the car at a safe place: As soon as you realize that your car's tire has been punctured, you can park your car in a safe place on the edge of the road. It can be dangerous to drive a car over a punctured tire. It can also have an impact on the tire and the car. When taking a side, turn your car's parking/emergency light on immediately. 

2. Put the Jack at the Right Place: The most important thing to change the tire is to lift the car with the help of Jack. In this case, it is important to know where to place the jack so that the car can be properly mounted. You can get help from the Owner Manual.

3. Lose the bolt before looting the: Loosen the tire bolt before lifting the car. For this, you can get help from the toolbox of the car. Take out the located bolt only after lifting the car. 

4. Lift the car: After loosening the bolt, lift the car with the help of Jack. Do not show any kind of rush while lifting a car. While lifting the car, keep in mind that no one is sitting inside the car. Do not move the car at all, because Jack can slip by doing this. 

5. Change tires: Take out the loses bolt completely after lifting the car. Then pull the punctured tire on the outside. Tighten the bolt after applying a spare tire. Lose the jack after tightening the bolt. After fully bouncing Jack, make sure that the tire bolt is fully formed. 

6. Repair the punctured tire: After changing the tire, you can start your journey back. But do not forget to repair the punctured tire as soon as possible. So you have a spare tire in case of an emergency.

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