How to Spend your Weekend: Introverts Edition

Nothing is better for an introvert but to be in the warmth of their home, and spend the day, and that’s one motivation for an introvert with a job that requires socializing, to survive through the day. 


But I don’t if it is just me or everyone, but even when I was the whole week on my weekend, I end up spending the day THINKING what to do. And the cycle never ends. 

So the trick to spending the weekend ‘satisfyingly’ is to plan it ahead, or continue reading. 

Read, if you’re an introvert then there are chances that you like to slip into another reality and get lost in the pages of that book. 

Cook, there’s no one on this planet who doesn’t like food, but try to run the kitchen sometime! Cook the kitchen out (don’t burn it) try making some new dishes and select a movie to watch while eating, and there’s a weekend, you would want to spend. 

Go for a long walk, the perfect medicine after staying in those four walls the whole week is to stroll the streets, pluck those earphones in and listen to music. 

Gardening is an activity that doesn’t require anyone’s presence and is also rewarding. Sow those seeds, water them, cherish them, and you will be rewarded soon. 

Watch a short web series, start the series on the night of Friday, while snuggling in those sheets, and have a relaxing weekend without worrying about what to do next. 

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