Monsoon Destinations in India you must Visit this Year

Monsoon is the best time to experience the exotic wildlife, and unearthed beauty of India, even though most travelers avoid traveling in this particular season, but, they are missing out!

The downpour will make you forget all the worries and stress of your life, and cast a spell of ecstasy on you, resulting in many happy memories for a lifetime. 

The list contains all the places you will be able to experience monsoon at its glory:

Starting with the best, Pondicherry, It is not only one of the best places for beach lovers, but also for the wanderers, with vintage houses, cobble-stoned streets, cozy cafes, and dimly lit bars on the seaside. If you are someone who loves road trips in cars, with blasting travel music, fly down to Chennai and road trip to Pondicherry.

The next in line is, Darjeeling, the Queen of Hills, it is at its finest in the rainy season located at the foothills of the Himalayas. The tea-plantation visit is quite refreshing, with the mixed scent of fresh tea leaves and rain.  

Next up is, Shillong, housed between the hearts of the clouds if you are looking for a getaway to relax, the waterfalls of Shillong whilst raining are just for you. 

Valley of Flowers in Uttrakhand is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. With more than 400 flowers nestled together to make up perfectly colorful heaven makes up the perfect destination for those who love trekking. 

The last but the perfect one is, Alleppey, Keralam, the greenery of the place with droplets of water dripping from it, you cruising through the lakes and rivers, Alleppey is a dreamy destination to be in during monsoon.

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