Dandruff is excessive in winter, so remove it with these 3 methods.
Dandruff is excessive in winter, so remove it with these 3 methods.

The winter season is very popular with many people but this season requires special care of hair. This is because these days, loss of moisture causes roughness in the hair and many hair problems also develop. The same list also includes the name dandruff. Dandruff is a big problem on winter days and its discomfort is very bad. Dandruff victims begin to fall hair weak. In this case, you need some natural things that can help relieve dandruff without damaging your hair. Today, we are going to tell you about the same things.

Oil - Oil massage should be done to keep hair healthy and get rid of dandruff problems in the winter season. In fact, not applying oil makes the scalp rough and lifeless, and it makes dandruff easier to enter your hair. To avoid this, you can massage with coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil, or olive oil. Hot oil will benefit more.

Lemon - If you have saved millions to get rid of dandruff, use lemon juice once. Add honey to lemon and apply it to your hair as it is of great benefit. Lemon contains natural acids, which easily eliminate sand and honey helps in removing roughness.

Olive oil- Olive oil is most beneficial for removing roughness from the scalp. This oil is surprisingly beneficial for rough and dandruff hair. You can also use this oil with honey.

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