How Two Youngsters Haris Baloch And Mehran khan Created Digital Media Company Rifiako Media

Sep 16 2020 10:27 AM
How Two Youngsters Haris Baloch And Mehran khan  Created Digital Media Company Rifiako Media

Behind everything great and unique there is a story of endless struggle. Such is the story of two young entrepreneurs of Pakistan Haris Baloch and Mehran khan. They both have made a name in the social media marketing industry through their efforts and determination to get to the point they want in their life. You have to face hardships at every point in your life but If you have enough motivation in you to achieve what you want in your life then you can overcome any of that. This won’t happen with great ease that you expect in your life but the result will be good for you. At a young age taking on such challenges may seem impossible to most of us but that isn’t something that could hold back Mehran Khan and Haris Baloch and that is why they are where they are right now and are now one of the youngest entrepreneurs and pride of Pakistan.

Haris Baloch

For Haris Baloch, the story of success started at an even younger age when all he had was dreams to do something and be financially independent. It is not something that most of us think at such a young age but that was the driving force behind all that effort made by the Haris Baloch. Harish Baloch is a young entrepreneur from a small town of Balochistan known as Kharan. He Moved from Kharan to a bigger city of Balochistan, Quetta, with even bigger dreams of starting his own social media marketing company along with his other companions. His business had to face many ups and downs throughout the way ad at the very start there were more downs than there were many ups. Such a thing could easily have deterred someone as young as him but he stuck to his dream. Learning from your mistakes can get you so far in life and Haris Baloch knew that one thing and stuck to it which is why he learned not o make those mistakes again and not to trust the people blindly when it comes to business matters. Experience matter a lot in life which is why the earlier failures in his business occurred. But the experience can only be gained by doing what he did so he knew he was headed towards the right path and didn’t give up. According to him he didn’t give up on his goal and started planning again within a week.

Mehran khan

Mehran Khan is also from the city Kharan of Balochistan. He moved along with the Haris Baloch with the very same dream of being financially independent. Financial independence wasn’t the sole reason behind this but he also wanted to support his family and wanted to give them a good life. This motivated him to come up with amazing ideas for their new social media marketing company known as Rifikao media. This commonly is one of the well know social media marketing companies in the whole Balochistan province. Mehran khan since was with Haris Baloch had to face failures in the start along with his partner. According to him, there were a few things that they didn’t know about the business world but later on after understanding the ins and outs of the business world they were able to build a successful social media marketing company. For Mehran, khan diversification is the key and which is why he owns his entertainment web-agency. In a short time of three years, he along with the other co-founders of Rifikao media was able to bring their company to a point at which it is now. They hope to have even more than 20 million subscribers by the end of the year 202o0 and that in itself is a great achievement at such a young age. You often see a lot of young entrepreneurs in the international news but rising from a country like Pakistan they are the true pride of this country. Mehran khan started at a very young age of 13 years and that was when he was experimenting with different things on social media for marketing and other purposes and from that the idea of founding such a company. This failed badly at the start but that was due to lack of experience but the business soon recovered from that loss when they have gained some experience and learned from their mistakes. From then onwards Mehran khan made documenting projects and contracts a priority and that saved Rifikao Media from further losses and lead to the point it is now.

Haris Baloch and Mehran Khan advise for the other young entrepreneur

Learning from such examples can do you a lot of good in your life. When you see how successful and resourceful Rifikao Media is and it is what it is because of the relentless effort of young entrepreneurs like Haris Baloch and Mehran Khan. The advice that these young entrepreneurs have for the new young people that are daring to start their own business is that they should stay patient with their business. Every business takes time to reach to the point but what is important to get that success is the determination. so, no matter how many failures you have to face stay determined for your business. They advise younger entrepreneurs and newcomers to stay updated to the policies as they change all the time and also keep yourself updated on the algorithms. Add diversity to your social media marketing company and make sure you are targeting different types of audiences or are promoting content that is suitable for a very diverse audience. Investing in learning can help you gain even more in your business always learns new things for your business. Even though your business plan is quite simple, make sure you are experimenting with new things every once in a while, to test the waters, this way you can expand your business even more and can make it more successful. With these few pieces of advice, you can make your startup successful too.

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