How Yoga helps in improving skin and hair according to expert Shahnaz Husain
How Yoga helps in improving skin and hair according to expert Shahnaz Husain

Today, Yoga is popular worldwide, because of its relevance to our modern lifestyle, especially in terms of reducing stress and achieving fitness. It has many benefits, as it is said to improve concentration and focus and, therefore, performance levels. Yoga has been very much a part of my life and career. The best thing about Yoga is that it does not need any equipment and can be done anywhere.

One of the yogic exercises that are necessary for beautiful skin and hair is Pranayam, as it helps to reduce stress, increase oxygenation and improve blood circulation. Pranayama is one of the best exercises of correct breathing. Devoting a few minutes every day allows natural cleansing of the system. These exercises are now being followed worldwide. Close one nostril with the fingers. Then breathe in through the other nostril. The air should be inhaled in short sniffs. Then close the second nostril and breathe out. Breathe in again through the other nostril and breathe out the same way. Alternate it up to ten times. This purifies the bloodstream and cleanses the entire filtering system.

Yoga improves blood circulation, including the circulation of blood to the skin surface. This is so important for the good health of the skin, as it helps to supply essential nutrients to the skin. It tones the skin, improves oxygenation to the skin, imparts a beautiful glow and keeps the skin youthful and free from problems.

Beauty also includes a body that has a suppleness, good posture and grace. A slim figure can take years off and make you look well-groomed. The yogic asanas are designed to keep the spine and joints flexible and supple and this goes a long way in delaying age-related signs. The posture improves and so does suppleness and grace. Muscles are toned and blood circulation improves.


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