'Tu Bada Sharif Hai,' Hrithik trolled for supporting Aryan

Hrithik Roshan, who won everyone's heart with his powerful style in Bollywood, recently wrote a post for Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Khan. In fact, he has described Aryan Khan as good and has written in his support to know him since childhood. However, he is getting trolled for his post. One user commented on his post and wrote, 'Such a big paragraph would have been written for Neeraj Chopra as good as a gold medal.' Another user wrote, "Lagta Hai Shah Rukh Ki Fat Gayi, so is speaking to everyone to post for my son. If he is proved right on social media, it will be right everywhere, but now the public is not so...' At the same time, one user wrote, 'You yourself is a Gentry.'

What has Hrithik written? Hrithik Roshan shared a picture of Aryan on his Instagram account and extended his support to him. Hrithik wrote in his post: "My dear Aryan, life is a strange journey. It is also very good because it is uncertain. God is kind. They give all the tough things to the toughest people. You know that you are selected when you may feel the pressure to handle yourself in the midst of difficult situations."

Hrithik Roshan also wrote: "I know you must have felt it now. Anger, confusion, helplessness. These are the things necessary to get a hero out of your inside. But be careful, because all this can eliminate good things like kindness, compassion and love.'' The actor also wrote: "Mistakes, failures, victories, success. All these things are the same if you know what you have to keep with you and what things to throw out of your experience. But know that you can grow up with them all in a great way. I know you as a child. I know you as a man. Adopt it. Adopt everything you experience. These are your gifts."

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