Huawei's latest technology will challenge Google's dominance

Aug 10 2019 01:29 PM
Huawei's latest technology will challenge Google's dominance

Smartphone maker Huawei has introduced HarmonyOS at its annual Developers Conference. According to CEO Richard Yu, the company's new operating system was being operated on since 2017 and the product working on the OS will also be introduced tomorrow under Honor. With the new operating, Huawei aims to provide an open-source platform that can be used from smartphones to TVs, laptops and even in cars.

Tell your information that HarmonyOS is the company's new OS based on MicroKernel. This means that it will use minimal resources, ensuring that the operating speed is faster. It's open source and comes with ATee (Trusted Executive Environment) for better security for all devices. The Harmony operating system has the Arc Compiler, which is the C/C. Supports all major languages, including C+, Java, JavaScript, and Kotlin. During Keynote, Richard said That HarmonyOS can replus Android, but at the moment the company will only use Google's software on its smartphones for users and for Google's app portfolio.

According to media reports, if there are further difficulties, users will be able to transfer to the company's new operating system. In the case of app support, HarmonyOS will support all Android apps as well as HTML5 and Linux. HarmonyOS aims to become a global operating system in the future beyond Android. Huawei will provide Dev Kits to its partners, so that the creation of compatible apps can be started immediately and speed up the implementation of the new operating system.

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