Krishna, who is still not calming, is the barrage of water

Oct 18 2020 05:28 PM
Krishna, who is still not calming, is the barrage of water

The flood boom continues into the Krishna River with extensive rainfall in the Prakasam district catchment area. On Saturday evening, 5,42,339 CSR flows into Prakasam barrage, while the Krishna delta canals are released to the sea by 70 gates. The first warning at the barrage is ongoing. This season, from June 1 to Saturday morning, from Prakasam barrage to 903.949 TNMS Krishna waters have been in the sea. After 14 years, it is now the highest ocean.

The Krishna flood affected areas in Guntur district are Kollur Mandal, Bommavanipallem, Chilumuru, Juvalapalem, Bhattiprolu Mandal, Vellore, Tadepalli Mandal. In Chirravars, the district in charge of the district, Cherukuwada Sriranganatha Raju, Home Minister Mekatoti Sucharita, MLA Meruga Nagarjuna and Collector Samuel Anand Kumar visited. The farmers were assured to look at the submerged crops. The authorities were instructed to record the loss of crop details immediately. Sanaka Shankarrao (48) of Avalavavaripalem and John Ahmed (18) were missing in the Flood Waters below The Kollur Karakatta.

5,98,775 CSR flow is in the Srisailam project while 5,90,087 CSR is being dropped. The flood into Srisailam will continue in the same way on Sunday. Nagarjuna Sagar 5,39, 930 Cusecs The same quantity of imports are being released. 5,62,371 CSR is added to the Pulicintala project while 15 gates are lifted and the same size is being dropped. The flood ing rainhas decreased in the River Saga and Nagavali. 2,72,652 CSR is being released into the sea from Godavari into Dhavaleshwaram barrage. Constant flood ing in the Penna River continues.

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