Dowry case in its peak, husband did this with her wife, know!!

Mar 27 2021 03:39 PM
Dowry case in its peak, husband did this with her wife, know!!

Troubled by dowry harassment, what did the married woman do, husband, uploaded her personal photos on WhatsApp and Facebook. Criminals have also made indecent comments on these photos. On getting information about their viral on social media, the victim has met Justice Superintendent of Police Dr. Iraj Raja and demanded justice.

The victim's wife said that the husband used to fight and torture her during the day when the demand for dowry was not met. Upset with this, she took her children to live in the maiden, but the accused husband behind her shared some of her personal photos on Facebook and WhatsApp and also wrote indecent things about her.

The woman living in the Loni Border area said that she was married to a person living in Badaun 9 years ago. The culprit sells Momo. They both have a son. At the behest of her husband, she took money from her parents 2 times and gave it to him. After which, when she refused to bring more money, he started fighting.

2 years ago she moved to the maiden in Ghaziabad with her child. During this time, the husband has called her and told her to return home, but when she did not return, the accused put a personal picture of both of them on WhatsApp DP and then started sharing on Facebook as well. Even then, when he did not get his mind, the criminal had manipulated and shared many pictures on social media and is writing indecent remarks for his wife. Rural SP said that the Loni Border Police Station has been ordered to take immediate action in this matter.

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