Husband murdered wife on suspicion of having an extramarital affair

Jun 17 2020 02:36 PM
Husband murdered wife on suspicion of having an extramarital affair

Recently, a new case of crime has surprised everyone. The case that has come up is from Thakurganj. Where on Sunday evening, a young man was murdered by cutting his wife's throat with a knife due to suspicion of having an extramarital affair. Police arrived on receiving information in this case, after investigating the body, started the search for the absconding accused. According to the reports, MithaiLal, who lives near the Marimata temple of Thakurganj, used to take care of the family by driving an e-rickshaw. He is survived by his wife Parvati, 35, a son Ranjith and a daughter. The children say that the father used to suspect that the mother had an illegal relationship with another man.

There was often a fight between the two about this. They said that on Sunday, when both of them were playing outside, only then did they hear about this thing. Father murdered his mother by strangling her with a knife. When they reached the room on hearing their screams, they saw that the blood-stained body of the mother was lying on the ground and the father started running out of the room.

The children made noise and tried to call for the local people but, he escaped by throwing stones at everyone. The police arrived after receiving the information, after checking the site of the incident, the body has been sent for postmortem. In this case, DCP Tripathi told that a blood-stained knife has been recovered from the scene. two teams have been set up to search for the accused by registering a case of murder.

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