In dream husband was with another woman, wife poured boiling water and then...

Disputes between husband and wife are a common thing. At times, the dispute takes a violent turn. But you have hardly heard of a dispute between husband and wife over a dream before today. A woman in La Paz, Bolivia, poured hot water on her husband while he was sleeping. Because another woman had come into her husband's dreams.

Reports say that the woman poured boiling water on her husband just because he was seeing with another woman in a dream while sleeping. Due to the hot water, the hands, back, private parts and other parts of the body of the husband have been badly burnt. The husband has been undergoing treatment in the hospital since the incident. The woman has been taken into custody by the police.

The woman says her 45-year-old husband was showering her love for another woman in his sleep. His wife, who slept together, did not say anything to her husband as soon as she got to know about it. She quietly went into the kitchen and poured the water into the pot. She came with boiling water and poured it at her husband in his sleep. The woman says she did so in anger, as the husband was dreaming of someone else in his sleep.

Reports say that it is not clear whether the woman's husband himself told the police about the incident or whether the neighbours heard screams. According to Juan Jose Donaire, deputy director of La Paz's Special Crime Fighting Force, the woman has already tried to sprinkle alcohol on her husband and set him on fire. Why she did it then is unclear.

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