Female doctor raped, dead body recovered from Hyderabad

Nov 29 2019 11:12 AM
Female doctor raped, dead body recovered from Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A case of embarrassing humanity has come to light from Hyderabad. A burnt dead body of a 26-year-old female doctor has been found in Shadnagar, on the outskirts of the city. According to media reports, the female doctor used to work in the veterinary hospital in Kolluru. On Wednesday, she parked her scooter near the toll plaza and reached work by cab. When she returned at night, she found that she had a scooter puncture.

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The lady doctor informed her sister about the situation and also revealed that she is scared because there are only loading trucks and unknown people around. On this, the sister asked her to go to the toll plaza or leave the scooty and come from the cab. The lady doctor told her sister that some people have offered her help and she said to call back after a while. But later when the family made the call, the victim's phone was switched off.

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Police DCP Prakash Reddy of Shamshabad said that the body recovered under the bridge belonged to a female doctor. We had heard the last phone talk with his sister, we heard the recording of it, according to him that her scooty tire was punctured. Some truck drivers were standing there and they took her scooty to get puncture. We suspect that those people must have done something with the female doctor, we are investigating the matter. A preliminary investigation by the police has revealed that the woman doctor's innerwear has been found 100 meters away from her body. It is believed that those people also carried out the rape incident.

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