Hyderabad: The Science and Technology Mega Cluster was launched on Friday.

Jan 09 2021 11:37 AM
Hyderabad: The Science and Technology Mega Cluster was launched on Friday.

Hyderabad: The Science and Technology Mega Cluster launched under the auspices of Hyderabad Research and Innovation Circle (RICH) under KTR Virtual Policy was launched on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, Industries Minister Ketakaramaravu said that Telangana was on top due to scientific progress. He hoped that the science and technology mega cluster to be set up in Hyderabad would greatly contribute to the development of the state. KTR said it is focused on creating one lakh jobs with funds by setting up 5 big companies in the state in the next five years. He said they would work with the aim of making Telangana a hub for life sciences, agriculture and digital technology.

KTR recalls that Rich has also expanded its operations in the fields of renewable energy, waste management and emerging technology. And have already established great innovation systems in the fields of aerospace, defense, food, agriculture and life sciences. . Rich faces complex challenges at the local level for research organizations, startups, civic bodies as well as central and state governments at the national level. With this, it is possible to change the lives of the original inhabitants.

Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Kinjaya Raghavan said. It was decided to set up these groups in four cities that are doing exceptional work in the field of science and technology, while Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune are on the list. Mega clusters are expected to deliver effective scientific results based on locally available science and technology skills.

Although Telangana is achieving the highest growth rate in the country as it focuses on innovations in all sectors. That is why we have chosen Hyderabad to form the cluster. GNOME Valley is the largest bio-cluster in Hyderabad with over 200 companies. On the other hand, the pharma sector has made a name for itself as a capital. 35% of the country's pharma products come from here. Known as the Seed Capital and Digital Technology Hub, Hyderabad has over 60 government, multinational and private research institutes, ”said Vijaya Raghavan.

The event was attended by Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, State IT and Industries Department. Central Science Department Secretary Arabind Mitra and Aamir Director General Ajit Rangnekar were present.


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