Big B devastated by Rishi Kapoor's departure, says
Big B devastated by Rishi Kapoor's departure, says "I never went to see Rishi in the hospital"

Bollywood veteran actor Rishi Kapoor has said goodbye to the world, he is no longer in this world and if anyone is hurt the most by his death, it is Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh Bachchan constantly appeared active on social media during this time and he kept posting one picture after the other with Rishi. He posted on his twitter twice and deleted the tweet and after some time late night Big B shared the post on the death of Rishi Kapoor on his blog and Instagram.

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Amitabh Bachchan wrote in it, 'Rishi Kapoor's father Raj Kapoor ji called me one evening while I saw Rishi for the first time. He was very young. After this, I often saw him in RK Studios. Rishi Kapoor was getting ready for entry in the film industry through 'Bobby'. The way he behaved reminded me of the great Prithviraj Kapoor. I used to talk to him often. Even when he was sick, many things happened to both of us, but Rishi never let me feel that he is fighting a deadly disease. He used to say smiling that coming to the hospital is routine, I will see you soon. Don't worry, I will come back soon."

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"He always used to laugh. There was never any tension on his face. Whenever he fell ill, I never went to see Rishi at the hospital, I always believed that he would come back soon and whenever he comes to meet me, he will have a smile on his face." By reading this post of Amitabh it shows how close he was to Rishi."

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