'I was raped on camera during lovemaking scene..,' after 15 years actress expressed her pain

American actress Evan Rachel Wood has accused musician Marilyn Manson of raping her in the middle of a music video. According to media reports, the actress has said in a documentary titled 'Phoenix Rising' that Marilyn Manson actually raped her during a sex scene in her music video 'Heart Shaped Glasses,' released in 2007. Evan Rachel, 34, reported that the cameras were rolling and that he actually started penetrating the actress in between sex scenes. According to Evan Rachel, she never said yes to it. According to the actress, she was drugged on the sets where she was playing a Lolita based character. She explains that she was barely in a position to stop him when Merlin came to overwhelm her.

According to the news, she had never been so unprofessional before. She started feeling insecure for the first time that day. No one is going to take care of her. Wood has said that she didn't know how to protect herself and do it. She says that it was always taught to her that she should never answer back. She also claimed that the crew had become very uncomfortable at the time of the incident and no one knew what to do.

Evan Rachel says that the incident made her feel very disgusted and she felt like she had done something wrong. She says, “I was also made to have commercial sex on the pretext of a lie. This is the first crime that happened to me when I was raped on camera." Not only this, Wood and Manson's relationship was revealed in 2007. Manson was 38 at the time and the actress was only 19. They broke up in 2010, and in 2021, Wood publicly spoke about how he used to be confused in the relationship. Earlier, she had shared the information on her Insta but then refused to take Manson's name. Although now she has openly taken the name of Marilyn Manson aka Brian Warner, while the accused Manson has denied these allegations and said that in every relationship, the relationship should be done at will. It is known that Marilyn was also accused of sexual abuse and physical violence by Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco.

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