Idigitalpreneur is a Whole era of learning new skills & Earning Digitally to become Atmanirbhar
Idigitalpreneur is a Whole era of learning new skills & Earning Digitally to become Atmanirbhar

In today ‘era right now digitalization is one thing that paved its way out through the pandemic and gave a new lookout to the while works. Many industries went towards downfall and faced hardships, but during this tough situation if it is said that a newly established company ruled there paths and gave people a new lookout to their lives . Yes this the truth, IDIGITALPRENEUR is the one, the firm which gave digital world a new curve by introducing their agendas which were loved by the people very much by coming to be a game-changer in the entrepreneurial world as it has been generating astonishing abilities through its digital courses and mentorship, assisting people with skill growth courses pertaining to career, business development and entrepreneurship and helping them learn the art and science of making money online with affiliate marketing.

IDIGITALPRENEUR is Notion of : Mr. Ashutosh Pratihast - Founder , Along with Mr. Shivam Singh - Cofounder . Mr Ashutosh, laid the first stone by recognising the  chasm in the market while functioning and figuring out the norms of the very various lookout of the marketing field coming along with Mr Shivam took this idea to another level of enlightenment. The company concocts an incredible Management Team, including;  Mr. Kanishk Kher , Mr. Akash Pandey & Miss Disha Sharma . 

It began on 18th December 2020 amidst the pandemic and in just a few months, IDIGITALPRENEUR becomes a million Dollar Company. Since IDIGITALPRENEUR also furnishes people with a chance to be affiliated and attain a commission, it has already distributed a commission of more than one crore through affiliate marketing, an accomplishment which is an excellency to achieve IDIGITALPRENEUR concentrates on providing top quality knowledge and skills digitally combined with their mentorship, which has helped thousands of students to get closer to their financial objectives during the severe times of pandemic all thanks to the beliefs of the founder and the team’s constant hard work. 

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