Idli is boring raised the #idligate twitter war

Oct 14 2020 10:38 AM
Idli is boring raised the #idligate twitter war

A British professor who has a married a keraliate women pulled himself into Twitter War #idligate after himself calling the South Indian breakfast Idli as ‘Boring’. When it comes to Idli ‘Namma Bangalore’ and ‘Brahmins Coffee Bar’ can’t be forgotten. It is profane if Brahmins' Coffee Bar aka Brahmins’ has not been refereed in making idlis. The simple and wonderful combination of rice and urad dal results in an exemplary dish ‘idli’ for the day start was called by Edward Anderson as boring.

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The twitter war or debate started with "What's that one dish you could never understand why people like so much?" an Indian food portal delivery asked this simple question. As a response to this question the UK based professor of History and expert in India-Britain studies, tweeted “Idli are the most boring thing in the world”. Immediate troll by Idli lovers was seen. In the midst of the troll, few people has invited the professor to visit the Brahmins’ and relish the steaming idlis which may change his opinion about Idlis. The 55 year old Brahmins’ Coffee bar in South Bangalore is always the first choice of Namma Bangalore idli lovers. The owner of this shop said one of my customer told about the war in social media and I felt quite sad as Idli was being called ‘boring’. He felt happy about his shops being mentioned in the war he extended his gratitude to the customers. He invites Edward to his shop to enjoy the food which will make him to fall in love for Idly.

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The shop bagged almost every gourmet award for the best idlis and chutney and is still the idli king of Bengaluru. As a mark of the service, the Indian postal department has released a special postal cover to mark the 55 years of Brahmins’ Coffee Bar. After the #idligate sweeps up the professor made another tweet as a compromise, “Before the whole of south India attacks me, can I just say that I love dosa and appam and basically all south Indian food. But idli (and puttu for that matter) are insufferable." Interestingly the war pulled Shashi tharoor inside.

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