VP of India Venkaiah Naidu reveals how he combat COVID-19

The vice-president of India who has recovered completely from COVID-19 shared how he fights against the novel coronavirus.  A complete diet full of desi food and regular physical fitness are the main keys of the recovery.  In his facebook post, VP strongly said his physical fitness, mental tenacity, eating only desi (traditional) food helps greatly in the recovery. "I firmly believe that in spite of my age and certain medical problems like diabetes, I could overcome Covid-19 infection because of my physical fitness, mental tenacity, regular physical exercise like walking and yoga, apart from eating only desi (traditional) food. I have always preferred to eat desi food and continued the same during my self-isolation period too," Venkaiah Naidu said in his Facebook post.

He suggested undertaking one among the everyday physical exercises walking, Jogging or Yoga as a way to overcome the deadly virus. About diet, he protein-rich food and avoiding junk food are more important. Equal importance goes to strict adherence to the protocols like wearing masks, washing hands frequently and maintaining personal hygiene at all times. When asking about how he spent his quarantine, VP replied reading newspapers, magazines and articles consumed good time. VP is writing two facebook posts every week on the sacrifices and valour of the unsung heros of the freedom movement.

VP tested positive on September 29 and turned to be negative on the basis of RT-PCR test taken on October 12. He thanked everyone who wished and prayed for his speedy recovery from Covid-19 and is happy on the recovery of 136 covid 19 affected Rajya Sabha employees. He extended his thankfulness to the medical team monitored his health and the experts from AIIMS and others who provided guidance and advice. After a week rest, he will resume to official work.

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