If a boy and a boy get married then how will someone be born.....', says CM Nitish on reaching women's college

Patna: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar today attacked homosexuality at the opening ceremony of the new hostel at Magadh Women's College in Patna, saying if the boy and boy get married, will anyone be born? At the opening ceremony of the hostel, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said, "Oh there will be marriage, then there will be no child, we or anyone is here, the mother is not born only then, is he born without a mother, without a woman, if the boy and boy will get married, then someone will be born?" If you get married, you have a child."

Due to the same programme, CM Nitish Kumar also recalled his engineering college days and narrated an interesting story related to girls. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said, "When he used to study in an engineering college, there was not a single female student in his college at that time.

Chief Minister Nitish further said, "The situation in his engineering college was such that if a woman ever came to the college every day, then all the students used to see the same woman. Nitish Kumar said that when he used to study in engineering college and now there has been a lot of change in the time because today girls teach in engineering and medical colleges in more statistics. The Chief Minister also stressed that at present women are being given a lot of opportunities, they have no shortage of opportunities. When Nitish Kumar narrated this story of his engineering college days among the women students, there was a lot of applause and the girls were also seen smiling.

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