If accepts his recommendations Vivekanand can become lawyers.
If accepts his recommendations Vivekanand can become lawyers.

Today we are going to tell you an interesting memoir related to the Life of Swami Vivekananda Ji which can be very special to you. Let us share...

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Reminiscence: In view of Solitude, Naren (the name of Vivekananda's childhood) studied alone at his grandfather's house. One evening one person came and he said to Naren, ' come home immediately. Your father has died. ' Naren comes home. The mortal remains of the father are kept in the room. The mother and the younger siblings are very showman. This view was seen by Naren. The next day the father was duly cremated. Naren's father was one of the famous lawyers in Calcutta. He also earned money, but most of the part was put into philanthropy and did not accumulate anything for the future. Mother Bhuvneshwari had the responsibility of assuming the family on the goddess. The family was going through a phase of deprivation. Sometimes the arrangement of food for younger siblings was too difficult to coherence.

The lad Naren secretly traced it and sometimes said to the mother, ' I have to go dine with a friend today. ' Thus many days were passed in the deprivation. The relatives are big ruthless. He claimed to be in court on Naren's ancestral house. Naren lobbied the case himself and made such arguments that he won the case. The lawyer of the opposing party wanted to stop them and said, "The gentleman will be a proper field for you", but Naren did not listen to him and went to his mother while running from the court and said, "mother has left her house."

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