Try these home remedies to reduce irritation of burn

Sometimes negligence or inadvertently some part of the body gets burnt. Somewhere while preparing food, it burns suddenly. We suffer a lot on a burned hand. We immediately apply cream, which gives us comfort. But even if the cream is not there, you can treat yourself with some household items. There are some home remedies that can reduce your irritation. Let's tell know.

* First of all, pour cold water on the burnt area. Adding cold water will reduce irritation. It is better to keep the burned part for some time under cold water.

* Putting potato slice or potato peel on the burnt place will also give relief from irritation and provides coolness. For this, cut the potato in two parts and place it on the wound.

* Apply white toothpaste to any burnt place and let it dry. If required, you can apply it 2-3 times at a time. It relieves the pain in a very good way.

* If you have an Aloe Vera plant at home, then cut its leaf and apply it on your burnt area immediately. It is a magical plant that plays an important part in many problems.

* Turmeric has excellent strength, it absorbs pain in a moment. Apply turmeric on the burnt portion and let it dry. When it dries then wash it and apply paste again. By doing this again and again, your pain will go away immediately.

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