If the child is troubled by the arrival of milk teeth, then follow these home remedies
If the child is troubled by the arrival of milk teeth, then follow these home remedies

When the milk teeth of a small child are coming out, then the child is not only upset but with that the whole house is also worried. Yes, and the child who is troubled by pain is able to tell his pain only by stopping. Yes, the process of teething for the first time is complicated and apart from medicines, the family members also want that the pain should be reduced by adopting some home remedies. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some effective remedies, which if you adopt, then the pain will be less in the child.

Give coconut water to the child – The problem of diarrhea starts during the teething of the child, and due to this, water keeps coming out of the body continuously. In such a situation, giving coconut water will be helpful to keep the child hydrated. Yes, it will prevent dehydration in the body, so that the child can avoid lethargy, fatigue and weakness.

Drink boiled baboon flowers – Chamomile flowers provide relief from pain and swelling of gums. Yes and for this, add baboon flower powder in a cup of water and boil till the water reduces to half. Giving this water to the child after a while will reduce the pain. Let us tell you that Baboon flowers or its powder will be available in the market.

Massage the gum – This method is very useful in relaxing the child. Yes and for this, wrap a clean cotton cloth on the finger and massage the baby's gums by pressing lightly. Doing this will give relief in pain.

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