For sore throat, try honey-ginger juice

The whole world is battling the coronavirus. If we talk about the main symptoms of this virus, then one such problem is sore throat. Therefore, if you are experiencing any such symptoms other than a sore throat, then you should get the coronavirus checked. You can take the help of home remedies to eliminate the problem of a common sore throat. You will benefit to a great extent from this home remedy. So let's give you complete information about this home remedy. Ginger and honey will be required to prepare this. 


Take a big piece of ginger and wash it thoroughly with water and then cut it into small pieces.

Now mix these pieces in two glasses of water and put them in a vessel for boiling.

Then filter the water and keep it in a glass and mix one spoon of honey in it.

After this, you sip this water and drink it. Along with consuming it, you can also gargle with it.

This will give relief to the throat and the problem of sore throat will be resolved soon.

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