If you have a conch in your house, you can win the battle with Corona
If you have a conch in your house, you can win the battle with Corona

 The outbreak of Coronavirus has been increasing rapidly in the world, thousands of people are losing their lives due to the virus every day, due to increasing infection of the virus every day The atmosphere of panic and fear is increasing, most of the doctors and eminent scientists from all over the world are spending their precious time to find the break of this virus, but still, there is no special treatment for it. Have not been found If we talk about death so far, then more than 2 lakh 58 thousand have been known worldwide.

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It is believed that the greatest effect of corona occurs when a person's humanity system is weak, and this happens especially in newborns and older people, although there is usually a conch shell in everyone's house, while with this conch we also worship God every day. And many auspicious works of the house are also started by playing the number. Ringing the conch increases the oxygen in the lungs, which makes them strong. Even if we do not succeed at one time, we keep trying many times and keep blowing in it again and again. If we continue to blow like this, it will start ringing slowly. And if we all do this Pranayam for 15 minutes 30-20 times daily in the morning, then disease like corona can be dealt with.

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Since there is pneumonia in the corona after fever, pneumonia damages the lungs, there is a lack of oxygen in the body, and there is difficulty in breathing, slowly it starts affecting other organs as well. Recently, an infection of this virus was also found in a temple priest where he was given a toy to strengthen the lungs in the hospital after applying oxygen for three to four days, in which it was blown 15-20 times every two hours.  This also gave him a lot of rest and he recovered in some time.

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