If you are troubled by insects in the stomach, then consume Harsingar leaves in this way
If you are troubled by insects in the stomach, then consume Harsingar leaves in this way

Harsingar leaves are considered very beneficial for health. In fact, it helps to overcome many health related problems. Let us tell you that they help in getting rid of body inflammation, burning sensation, cold, cough and the problem of worms in the stomach. Today we tell you its health benefits.

In Arthritis Pain- During arthritis, there is a lot of pain in the hands, feet and knees. In this case, Harsingar leaves can be used. By using it, you can get relief from joint pain and swelling. You can drink its leaves by boiling it in water and filtering it. Consume it empty stomach.

Relief from cold and cough- Due to the changing weather, many times there are problems like cold, cold and headache. Harsingar leaves have antibacterial properties and prevent cold and cough. Yes and for this you grind these leaves and consume it by adding some honey to it.

Worms in the stomach - Children often have trouble with worms in the stomach. In such a situation, to overcome this problem, the extract of Harsingar leaves should be taken. Yes, it actually has antibacterial properties. These help to eliminate insects.

Beneficial for wound healing – Sometimes wounds are not able to heal on time. In such a situation, the leaves of Harsingar have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and they work to heal wounds quickly. Apart from this, they also provide relief from the pain of wounds and for this make a paste by grinding its leaves. Apply it on the wound.

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