If you want the best results in pedicure then avoid making these mistakes

Jul 22 2019 06:49 PM
If you want the best results in pedicure then avoid making these mistakes

You need a pedicure to enhance the beauty of the feet. Between dust and the solution, your hair and facial skin, as well as your feet, have to bear a lot. You get a pedicure for your feet and you have to take care of a few things. Know about those things.

* Use cuticle cream or oil every day before going to bed for about a week after taking it. This will not disturb the dry curtical and will be effective for long periods of time.

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* After washing the feet, do not forget to wipe it with clean towels, especially the middle part of the fingers one by one. Then apply talcum powder to those parts. It will also relieve you of bad smell.

* Do not place nail paint for more than a week after pedicure. If you do not remove it, it will damage the nails and cause yellowing. After removing it, give one or two three breaks and then apply a nail paint.

* Don't make the mistake of walking barefoot on the floor. This will make your feet dry and the effect of the pedicure will soon be eliminated. Always wear footware that doesn't make you sweaty or you will lose your legs due to bacteria.

* Stay at home for a few hours after the pedicure. Do not exit or sunabout immediately after you do this. Try to do it always in the evening. Also, make sure that you always use the Aceton Free Remover to remove nail paints.

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