You're probably making this mistake with your face mask

Jul 22 2019 09:59 AM
You're probably making this mistake with your face mask

Facepack makes your face beautiful. It also makes women look attractive. Facepack is tried by women at home. But making some mistakes when you apply a face pack will make your look worse. Here we're going to tell you about some mistakes women do. So let's know about the mistakes associated with Facepac, so you won't repeat these mistakes again.

After the face pack is dried, the women start rubbing it and cleaning it, which is wrong. If the face pack has dried, clean it with a light hand with rose water or water. You can also use rose water for this purpose.

Don't talk after applying face pack
After applying the face pack, nothing spoke. This can cause wrinkles on your face. It's better to keep quiet after applying a face pack.

Late Facepack Causes Damage
According to the expert, the face pack should be used only for 10-15 minutes, but women are engaged in other household chores and the face pack is late. However, applying it too long to absorb facial moisture, which makes the skin look stretched. It can also cause dryness, rashes, and itching.

Do not use hot water
Many women use hot water to mix face packs, which is wrong. Always mix the face pack in normal or freshwater.

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