If you want to have romance with your wife, then definitely go to these 5 romantic places

Many people are fond of roaming in the world, although married people many times do not understand where to go for a walk? In such a situation, if you are also married and you do not understand where to go, then we are going to tell you about such places where you can go to romance with your wife.

Darjeeling- Darjeeling is known for the beautiful views of Kangchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. Yes and this hill station offers a great experience in the budget. Here you can stay in a wooden cottage in the middle of the mountains, and enjoy local food as per your budget.

Hampi- You can also plan to visit Hampi with your wife. Yes, the beautiful temples of Hampi attract a lot of tourists. The city is also perfect for traveling with a partner. Let us tell you that the bus fare from Bangalore to Hampi starts from Rs 650 per person. There are very cheap hotels to stay in Hampi.

Agra- You will enjoy going here with your wife. The cost of trains from major cities to Agra is Rs. 340 to Rs. Could be between 2500. Yes and hotel prices in Agra start at around Rs.300 per night. The price of all the places to visit in the city here will be between Rs 700 to 4500.

Manali- Manali is known as a super affordable destination from Delhi. Yes and from Delhi to Manali you can get an AC bus from Rs 700 to Rs 1000 per person. While there is no dearth of budget hotels in Manali, you will enjoy visiting here. Bless your wife by going to Manali.

Varkala- Varkala is an ideal place for those who like to travel by sea. In fact, the deserted city of Kerala, situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea, is full of natural beauty. Here Varkala has romance in the air. Whereas trains from Kochi to Varkala will cost Rs 140 to Rs 800 per person and the cost of hotels in Varkala will be around Rs. 550/person.

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