If you want to look different in marriage, then take beauty tips from Katrina Kaif
If you want to look different in marriage, then take beauty tips from Katrina Kaif

The wedding day is around the corner and if you do not understand anything, then you can take beauty tips from Katrina Kaif. Yes, the wedding day is very special for every girl. In such a situation, every girl wants to look beautiful on her special day. In such a situation, many girls also take inspiration from Bollywood actresses for makeup and wedding outfits. Now if we talk about Katrina Kaif, then she was looking very gorgeous in her bridal look. If you want, you can take skin, hair and makeup tips from them. Let us tell you about it.

Take care of skin before marriage- Turmeric paste is applied on your skin for turmeric function. Well, like Katrina, you can enjoy a less makeup look at your haldi function. Yes and if there is 1 month left in your marriage then you should start cleansing the skin. Yes and apart from this, drink more and more water to keep the skin hydrated.

Choose Nude Makeup- Choose makeup according to the season at the wedding. However, for functions like Haldi and Mehndi, you choose nude makeup and simple hairstyle like Katrina. Yes and you must also use hair spray to protect the hair from tangle.

Take care of eyebrows- If you want to look perfect on your best day, then pay special attention to eyebrows too. Yes, you should start making eyebrows before marriage because at the same time eyebrows are not made right. Yes and if you are happy with the hair growth of your eyebrows, then shape them according to the makeup mood-board.

Choose the right blush- Blush is also important in makeup. Do your makeup by applying powder blush over a layer of cream blush and the makeup won't budge at all.

Choose Nailpaints of Nude Shade- A lot goes hand in hand with henna as well as chuda, kalira and other jewellery, on a wedding day. Although still people's eyes definitely fall on your nails too. In such a situation, like Katrina Kaif, you can use nude nailpaint in the wedding.

Mix this thinged in aloe vera gel and face will become blonde

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There will be no need to get a facial done if you apply this thing.

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