Visit this place in MP if you are fond of historical temples and forts
Visit this place in MP if you are fond of historical temples and forts

At the historic temple of Orchha in Bundelkhand, you get to see a magnificent display of architecture. The temple here is about 500 years old. You will find ancient and grand monuments. The view of the windows of these monuments is quite amazing. Due to the large number of temples in Orchha, it is also called the city of temples. The fort of Orchha is a very popular place.

This fort was built by King Rudra Pratap in the 16th century. The memorial fort and temple attract tourists. The Jahangir Palace is also built here, which is also known as the Jahangir Palace. It was built by Mughal emperor Akbar for his son Jahangir. This palace is made of red stones and marbles. You will find ancient and magnificent Mughal architecture.

There is a Ram temple here, it is the only temple where Lord Rama is worshipped as a ruler. Whoever lives here always remains happy and prosperous. This temple was built by King Veer Dev Singh. There is a statue of Goddess Lakshmi in this temple. It is one of the sacred temples. It is a center of attraction for the tourists visiting here. You will get to see a good piece of architecture. The artifacts on its walls show the life of Lord Krishna. Also this place is quite attractive.

These ancient Hindu temples still exist in Pakistan

Passengers entering Guwahati have to follow the SOP's issued by the health dept

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