If your offered coconut is bad then understand this sign

May 29 2020 06:40 PM
If your offered coconut is bad then understand this sign

During any auspicious work, we break the coconut and start it so that everything is auspicious. The coconut comes out very good, but sometimes the coconut gets bad. In this case, very few people know about what the scriptures say. So, today we are going to tell you what the scriptures say about this.

* If the coconut comes out bad inside, then some people believe that God is giving a bad sign but let us tell you that nothing like this happens but it is considered an auspicious sign. 

* If the offered coconut gets bad inside, it means that God has accepted your offering and that is why the coconut has turned out bad and God has done all this.

* If your coconut has gone bad, then it means that God will fulfil your wish and you will be benefited.

There are many such beliefs which are related to coconut and people believe it. Many people call the loss of coconut a bad message, but in reality, it is called auspicious message.

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