If your photos have been deleted from 'Google Photos', recover like this

In today's world, everyone uses Google photos as an online backup because they're completely safe. Also, photos and videos can be backed up. Sometimes photos and videos are deleted for some reason, after which people look for a process on the Internet to restore them. Here are some simple steps that let you recover photos and videos that are deleted from Google photos.

Recover photos deleted from Google photos as restore:-
Step 1: To restore photos or videos on an Android mobile, Android tablet, open the Google Photo app.
Step 2: At the bottom, tap the library, go to the trash folder.
Step 3: Search for the photo or video you want to restore. Touch and hold a photo or video.
Step 4: Press the Restore option at the bottom.
Step 5: Photos or videos will be moved back to the phone's gallery app, Google photo library, and the album in which it was.
Step 6: On your computer, you can go to photos.google.com.
Step 7: Click the trash folder on the left side of the window.
Step 8: Place your cursor on the photo or video you want to restore, then click SELECT.
Step 9: Click Restore on the top right.
Step 10: Photos or videos will be restored to your Google photo account and added back to any album in which it was.

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