People make these mistakes while making decoction, and their health worsens

Our immunity system is going to give the body the strength to fight diseases. As a result, doctors have started advising people to drink brews that improve immunity as the risk of coronavirus increases. In fact, doctors say that while making a brew, people sometimes make mistakes that adversely affect the body. Yes, because immunity-enhancing decoctions can also suffer if the right amount of beneficial elements are not taken care of. Now, today, we are going to tell you about that.

* Experts say that it is very important to monitor the age, weather and health of those who drink the decoction. In such a situation, people of weak health who drink decoction regularly can have many big problems. Such as bleeding from the nose, mouth ulcers, acidity, problems with urination and digestion problems. If so, see a doctor immediately.

* People often use black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, giloy, ashwagandha, cardamom and dry ginger in making the decoction. All these things make your body very hot. In such a situation, due to a sudden increase in body temperature, there can be problems like nose bleeding or acidity. Use them less.

* Keep a balance in the quantity of the ingredients you are using to make the decoction. If you are facing any problem after drinking the decoction, then keep the quantity of cinnamon, black pepper, ashwagandha and dry ginger in small quantity.

* The decoction is a boon for people suffering from cold or cold, although some people should be very careful in this. Most especially those people who have complaints of bile. Yes, these people should take special care while using black pepper, dry ginger and cinnamon in the decoction.

* If you are not using the decoction regularly, then it would be right to take it in small quantity. Keep in mind that while making the decoction, add only 100 ml of water to the vessel. Then after mixing the necessary things, boil it until the decoction becomes 50 ml i.e. half.

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