Know why it is necessary to match the 'Kundli' before marriage

Dec 04 2019 04:08 PM
Know why it is necessary to match the 'Kundli' before marriage

Sanatana Dharma is one of the sixteen sacraments- marriage rites. Marriage is considered a bond of seven births in Hindu culture. To keep this relationship between births and deaths, the horoscope of the bride and groom is matched before marriage. In Hinduism, the horoscope has a different significance and for this reason, the horoscope is matched before marriage, to determine whether the qualities of the boy and the girl are getting or not. If the horoscope does not meet each other even after matching the horoscope, then the relationship remains broken or the horoscope is matched by some trick or measure.

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Looking at the horoscopes of the bride and groom, 36 qualities are mixed between them, at least 18 of 36 qualities should be found between the two. According to astrology, it is necessary for the bride and groom to get married. Because of this, it is known that boy and girl constellations and planets are favorable for each other or unfavorable.

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If the constellations and qualities of both the bride and the girl are favorable then their marital life is happy, but if the planetary constellations do not match in the horoscope of both, then their married life goes on to painful times. There is no mutual synergy between the two. However, those who do not believe astrology believe that affection, trust and mutual understanding for each other are more important than matching horoscope for marriage.

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