Social media platform increased status 'if more than 50 lakh registered users then you are...'
Social media platform increased status 'if more than 50 lakh registered users then you are...'

The government has placed a minimum of 5 million subscriber count in the definition of an important social media platform. Companies falling under this definition will have to comply with additional precautions to prevent misuse of their social media platforms under the new IT regulations.

All three officers will have to remain in India: Under the new rules announced earlier this week, important social media forums will have to follow additional rules, including the appointment of the Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Contact Person, and Resident Grievance Officer. In all of this, there is also a condition that it will be mandatory for all three officers to stay in India. They will be published monthly compliance reports and details of the contents removed continuously.

Currently, WhatsApp has 53 crore accounts in the country, 44.8 million on YouTube, 41 crores on Facebook, 21 crores on Instagram, and 1.75 crores on Twitter. The notification states that the central government has set a limit of 50 lakh subscribers for an important social media platform in India.

New Guidelines for Social Media Released: The former government was announced on Thursday to tighten the rules governing social media and streaming companies. The move aims to make social media forums such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram more accountable for published content.

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