Know the health benefits of saffron
Know the health benefits of saffron

Saffron has many benefits for its health. The Ayurvedic properties of saffron can help you in curing many minor diseases. Many properties of saffron have been described in Ayurveda. Now today we are going to tell you about the health benefits of saffron. Consumption of saffron benefits from paralysis, neurological diseases like facial paralysis, problems caused by diabetes, persistent headache, numbness of hands and feet, etc. Consumption of saffron along with milk, sugar and ghee is beneficial.

* To increase eyesight, consuming 10 saffron fibres mixed with milk provides relief.

* Grinding real sandalwood with saffron and applying it on the forehead increases eyesight and does not cause headaches.

* Taking saffron mixed with celery is beneficial. Yes, heart disease is cured by taking saffron. Saffron controls low BP.

* Corrects blockage in the arteries with this. Eating it reduces weight gain.

* Consumption of saffron improves memory. It should be taken in colds and fever.

* If a small child has a cold, then for this, the child should be given saffron after mixing it with milk. Mixing saffron and asafetida in ginger juice and applying it on the chest of a child or elder is beneficial.

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