Imran Hasan Shubha - Impetus Journey Of A Talented Youth In Digital Industry

Jul 19 2021 09:34 AM
Imran Hasan Shubha - Impetus Journey Of A Talented Youth In Digital Industry


Imran Hasan Shubha is a successful youth from Dhaka, Bangladesh, who is an Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Independent Artist, Model. He is not someone coming from a family having a musical background. His interest in music grew after he saw one of his favorite teachers practicing once in school. Since then Imran Hasan Shubha has been endeavoring his love for music. Now he made a YouTube channel for music and songs. Imran Hasan Shubha shared with us how the Internet and Social media helped him to take on this journey, “Due to the presence of social media, musicians now have the ability to reach out directly to fans, which creates a denomination. Social media has changed a lot with time, exceptionally within the music industry. Imran Hasan Shubha had no formal education in music and he had to face obstacles before establishment with informal music training”. Imran Hasan Shubha shares strategies for rising artists which is, to engage your fans in any activities in your social media handles. Also, you can interact with them and their response, share behind-the-scenes of your works, personal and backstage photos or videos or you can host giveaways too.

The Internet created a wider space for Kirti to connect with everyone around the world. His works made a strong fanbase among the youths too. It’s really necessary to add that Imran Hasan Shubha is also an Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer. Some of his works are warmly appreciated on social media. All his productions can be found on his Verified YouTube Artist Channel: ’Imran Hasan Shubha’

Imran is also providing digital services like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tiktok, Twitter, YouTube, verifications for those who are public figures, or celebrities, Artists. Now, Imran Hasan Shubha is one of the successful entrepreneurs in his field. Starting the journey from nowhere made him reach this position today with years of hard work. Imran Hasan Shubha believes talent is given to everyone, but it is needed to be found by following your passion, instincts, and heart with honesty. Every hard work pays off when it is a perfect time.  Indeed, Imran Hasan Shubha is a passionate, dedicated, and goal-oriented person who made his name in the industry within a short time. With years of hard work and toil, Imran Hasan Shubha successfully engraved an image for himself as a successful Digital marketing consultant and Tech entrepreneur. His expert skills assisted many companies and individuals over years to handle various digital world issues.  Imran Hasan Shubha is constantly exhibiting his creativity in this field and is booming to get better at his works. 

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