6 must-know facts about the would-be Prime Minister of Pakistan....?
6 must-know facts about the would-be Prime Minister of Pakistan....?

as the Pakistan Assembly Elections are in progress and the counting is still on, people, as well as the media houses, are predicting that soon we will Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi on the seat of the prime minister of Pakistan.
The former captain of the Pakistani cricket team has been in the race since 2014 is soon going to have the reigns of the nuclear-empowered Islamic country. 

 Khan being in the University of Oxford's Hall of Fame has been into many controversies, having accusations of being a playboy, having the elections rigged, to harassing his ex-wife, the legendary cricketer and philanthropist has seen many ups and downs in his life.

There are quite a many things that you might not be aware of:

1. There is confusion on the actual birth date of Imran. His Wikipedia page claims his real birth date to be October 5, while his official records — including his national identity card — say it is November 25.

2. As a member of the West Pakistan Under-19 team, Imran was on the last flight out of Dhaka in 1971 before the Pakistani army moved into East Pakistan, now Bangladesh, and the liberation war of 1971 began.

3. Imran was named the fighter-jet after he led his team to a 3-0 series victory against India in 1982-83, and Pakistan was getting fighter planes at the same time from the USA.

4. After winning the world cup, Imran did not even thank or congratulate his teammates but talked about the cancer hospital that he wanted to build.

5. Imran was allegedly found the father of a four-year-old illegitimate southern California girl named Tyrian White

6. Due to his close relations with various alumni from Darul Uloom Haqqania, the would be prime minister of Pakistan is also called, Taliban Khan

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